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sun+stone is an Austin, Texas-based firm specializing in regional, energy-efficient, modern building design.

Established by Austin native Mark Lind, the work of sun+stone is characterized by responsiveness to the local climate and an elevated level of creative design.

Believing that no one has to sacrifice beauty for efficiency, we strive to integrate these fundamental human needs in each and every project.

Our educational background in health, green building, and building science --- combined with a strong aesthetic sense --- means that every project is thoughtfully considered and executed, from the initial concept down to the final materials, lighting, and details.

Having lived in areas with dramatically different climates --- from the desert southwest, to arctic Scandinavia, and our own humid subtropical climate -- our work has benefited from experiences in cities as different as Phoenix, Copenhagen, San Francisco, and Austin.
Known for frequently experimenting with materials in unexpected ways, we've earned a reputation for designing creative and imaginative projects that are just as efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing.

The recipient of numerous design awards and over twenty five years experience in design and construction, we're proud of our past achievements, but always eager to begin the next project. Let's make it yours!